About Humber Meadows

Humber Meadows Long-Term Care Home is a not-for-profit, charitable incorporated home affiliated with the Humber River Hospital Corporation.

In partnership with the Ministry of Long-Term Care, Humber Meadows is a 320-bed long-term care home located at 2109 Finch Avenue West, in the City of Toronto (Finch Avenue and Highway 400).

Humber Meadows Long-Term Care Home aspires to create a feeling of home for every resident while ensuring high-quality care. Residents will have access to daily nursing care as well as physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech-language pathology, medication management and dialysis services, as needed. Three nutritious meals will be available daily, along with an afternoon and evening snack, and morning, afternoon and evening beverages.

Humber Meadows will offer a variety of recreational, social and spiritual activities, making use of the home’s beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces. Regular outings will ensure ongoing engagement with the local community.



Working together to deliver innovative, safe and compassionate care to our seniors in a home-like environment.


Providing exceptional care in a home like environment while building the future of senior care.


Compassion, Professionalism, Respect.

The Home

The building features two interior courtyards, ensuring that all resident rooms have windows and abundant natural light. The first floor of the home has a great hall, beauty salon, private dining room for resident events, dedicated spiritual space, and a six-chair hemodialysis unit.

Floors 2 – 6 will house 320 residents. Five resident floors are divided into ten Resident Home Areas (RHA). Each RHA will provide a home for 32 residents and has its own dining room, lounge and activity room. This design allows the option for each RHA to operate independently if necessary to prevent the spread of infections. Each floor will also have a private bariatric room. Private rooms will have access to their own bathroom, whereas semi-private rooms will have access to one shared bathroom between two residents.

The design of the entire home is inspired by a meadow to match our local area’s natural resources and to bring a sense of healing and renewal to the home. A meadow is an open habitat, or field, vegetated by grass, herbs and other plants. Meadows attract a multitude of wildlife and support flora and fauna that could not thrive in other habitats. The design metaphor of a meadow ties this long-term care facility to the ideas of nurturing growth, providing shelter and creating a supporting community for all, in which residents can experience a home like environment where they can thrive.

Rendering of Completed Building

March 2022

November 2021

August 2022

November 2021
  • Steel Superstructure erection completed
  • A Steel Superstructure is a metal structure which is made of structural steel components which connect to each other to carry loads and provide full rigidity

February 2022
  • Significant exterior completion
  • Interior work underway

August 2022
  • HVAC units installed
  • Exterior insulation and paneling installation

Early 2023
  • Substantial completion
  • Training of employees within the building
  • Final touches before opening

Our Logo

The home was named “Humber Meadows” based on the geographic topography of the area where the home is located. The inside of the home will be designed to also reflect the concept of a meadow with each floor reflective of the topography (meadow, flowers, trees, birdlife, sky).

Our logo, The Tulip, represents new beginnings.  The different, bright colours represent the diversity of our community, with the three petals symbolizing our core values that together create a safe space for our residents.